1 / How does yeat work?

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2 / How are restaurants displayed in Yeat?

It is important for optimal use of the application to turn on your “location facility” in your phone.

When you open the app you immediately get an overview of all restaurants that have a table available in your area. If you have indicated favorites, you can also only consult this list.

If your location facility is turned off, you can only consult the list of available tables alphabetically.

3 / How to handle notifications?

Answer: You can set your notification preferences according to your needs.

You can manage notifications in your phone at any time. They overrule the settings of the application anyway.Given the last-minute nature of the application, we recommend that you leave your notifications for Yeat on so that you don't miss any opportunities.

Do you want to get a table for one of the coming days in a restaurant that is usually fully booked? mark the desired restaurants as your favorite (s), make sure your notifications are on in your phone.Yeat will then send you notifications of all your restaurants marked as favorites when they put a table online.

4 / Do I have to pay anything as a user to use Yeat?

The application is completely free for the user. The user accepts the terms and conditions of Yeat by using the application. Read general terms and conditions #link here.

1 / what does it cost me as a restaurant to use the application?

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2 / what happens if a booked table does not show up?

Answer: The terms and conditions, approved by the user, state that a user who has booked the table actually books the table with the number of available persons at the indicated date and time.

If the user does not show up without any form of communication, the restaurant owner reserves the right to ask the user for compensation.This is a decision by the restaurant owner himself and is made directly between the user and the restaurant owner.

3 / How many tables can I put online at the same time.

As much as you wish.

4 / how long will my table stay online?

When putting your table online, you must indicate until what time you want to make the table visible. When the table is booked, the user will be notified that the table is no longer available. This message remains for a short time.

5 / Can I take a table offline?

Yes you can take the table offline at any time at no cost.

6 / how do users get to see my restaurant?

When you register your restaurant for registration, you fill in all your details and you can also upload a few photos. Users can then find you, either by name, location or other filters such as Gault & Millau score or Michelin stars.

7 / I own another restaurant. Do I need to create a new account?

Yes. Only one account is possible per business address.

8 / I want an employee to manage Yeat. What should I do ?

Send us an email with the details and email address of your employee via the following info@yeatapp.com. When your employee downloads the application, we ensure that he can manage your restaurant with his own email address.