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About us

Boo Raan

Our story

Yeat was created by restaurant owners for restaurant owners.
The idea arose by the co-founders Patrick De Langhe, Owner of Boo Raan (Knokke-Heist, Belgium) and Lore Aerts, responsible for reservations. After several last-minute cancellations and a few no-shows happened in Boo Raan, they wanted to create a solution when a last-minute cancelation or a no show occurred.  Then the idea of Yeat was born. 

Our values

By restaurant owners for restaurant owners. 
By foodie, for foodie. 

We love to save both the restaurant owner & foodies time. 

Yeat is a platform, connecting both restaurant owners & foodies, and ensures a happy feeling by both when a table is booked.

Yes eat - Yeat



Our Goal

Filling all over the world, all the last-minute cancelled tables or tables that have become available due to a no-show. 

Our team

A team with a unique skillset

Patrick De Langhe

Patrick De Langhe


Patrick is a seasoned entrepreneur. He has a successful events agency, owner of a fantastic restaurant and he is also the pushing and inspiring force behind Yeat.

Lore Aerts

Lore Aerts


Lore is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a great passion for food and organization.
She is not only the link to our restaurant owners but also to our development team.

Do you have a question about integrations, a suggestion about new features or would you like a clear explanation about what Yeat can provide for your restaurant? Then drink a (digital) coffee with Lore.

Gilles Vandamme

Gilles Vandamme

Chief Sales Officer

Gilles is the driving power behind the sales team, with his master's degree in sales & marketing and his many years of experience as a manager in a highly recommend restaurant, Gilles is the perfect Chief Sales Officier. 

If you are a restaurant owner, don't hesitate and grab a call with Gilles, for all your questions and challenges, he's happy to help!

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