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Frequently asked questions

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Is Yeat free?

Yes! You foodie can download, browse & book a last-minute table in the app for free. Off course you will need to pay your bill in the restaurant. 

Does Yeat only exist for Belgian restaurants?

No! We are here to help all the highly recommended restaurants all over the world. 

I don't find my favorite restaurant in Yeat

No worries, we got you covered. Let us know what your favorite restaurant is, we will contact them asap! 

I cannot cancel my last-minute table in Yeat?

Correct! Yeat is a tool to resolve last-minute cancelations or no shows, when they occur. As the last-minute character of the tables that comes available we assume that you first check their schedule before you book the table.
If in any case, you would need to cancel your table anyway, please contact the restaurant immediately by phone. 

The search function doesn't show the result.

There are a few options why the search function is not showing the result you are hoping for. The search function works only when you type the correct name of the restaurant or area. 
If you are not sure, use the filter function. 

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