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"Thanks to Yeat, our monthly revenue increased by 15%"
Dokkoon Kapueak

Dokkoon Kapueak, Chef Boo Raan, 1 Michelin star restaurant. 

All plans include

  • Guided set-up 

    No worries, we make sure your set-up is done! 

  • Detailed backoffice 

    In the backoffice you will see all the information about  your last-minute tables. 

  • Permanent support 

    Our team helps you 24/7 with all your questions. 

  • Marketing tool 

    It was never so easy to be seen by so many foodies. 

  • Top of mind 

    With a simple view in the list or a notification you are back top of mind with all the foodies. 

  • Monthly update

    Every month you receive a small email with your monthly progress.

"YEATapp is a fantastic tool for any foodie, a guest from the interior who spontaneously comes to the coast, in short, anyone who does not want to spend hours calling around to his favorite restaurants in the hope of finding a table. At a glance, he can see the availabilities of the best restaurants in the country and can book directly from the app!
As a restaurant manager, yeat is a perfect tool to optimize your bookings without losing time. Crazy that this hasn't been thought of before."
Ewdin Menue
Edwin Menue, Chef Cuines33, 1 Michelin star restaurant.

Frequently asked questions

I'm not sure YEATapp is for me

Don't take us on our word, ask your colleagues! Don't hesitate to contact one of YEATapp's restaurants. They will tell you why you cannot miss YEATapp in your restaurant! 

Can I try YEATapp for free?

Yes! There is a trial periode of 1 month.

Is the Upfront package the most interesting module?

Definitely! This package includes
- 1 month trial period
- discount of €60
- lower fee / booked place
- no cure no pay 

What is No Cure No Pay?

When you publish each week a table, nothing gets booked, your month is totally free!

Help, I can't decide on the package

We suggest to choose the upfront package.
This one includes
- 1 month trial period
- discount of €60
- lower fee / booked place
- no cure no pay