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Processing of personal data and privacy

All Yeat/Yeatapp products are launched under the name Yeat. Yeat/Yeatapp's privacy policy applies to all products. If the policy for Yeat/Yeatapp differs from the general policy, this will be explicitly stated.
Yeat/Yeatapp treats your data with care.


1. Yeat/Yeatapp promises you 3 things regarding privacy.

We prefer to collect as little data as possible from you. Why is that sometimes necessary?
  • To provide you as a user with useful and accurate information
  • To find out what you think of our products or services
  • To ensure that no one else uses your name unlawfully
Yeat/Yeatapp handles your data carefully and ensures that your privacy is guaranteed.
  • To be able to address and inform you as a user or interested user.

These are therefore our three privacy promises.

  1. We never share your personal data with other parties without a strong reason.
  2. We protect your personal data as if it were our own.
  3. We only use your personal data for the purposes described below.

2. What personal data does Yeat/Yeatapp / Yeat store
A. Companies / restaurant owners

This means all companies with which Yeat/Yeatapp contracts for one of the products of Yeat/Yeatapp as well as all companies that show interest via one of the websites of Yeat/Yeatapp and leave their company data.

This concerns the following information:
Official company name
Company number
Company address
Contact person (name, telephone and email)
We need the official company name and company number to correctly identify a potential partner or effective partner.
We need the contact details to make contact in the context of an ongoing or potential collaboration.

Creditcard information:
Credit card details are requested to correctly organise your billing ( invoice and payment).

B. Users

First Name
The name is saved because we prefer not to address users with a customer number. Your address, place of residence and credit card details are only asked to switch to a premium package and thus correctly settle your billing. This credit card information is only necessary if you are a premium user.

E-mail address
We will keep the email address so that we can send you important messages about your use of the app or your account.
It is checked via opt-in whether we may contact you for commercial purposes. If you confirm this, we will send you a newsletter periodically (maximum 10 times a year). We recommend that you read it so that you stay informed of all the novelties that we launch. You can easily unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.
If you want an overview of your data, you can request this via We try to formulate an answer within 48 hours. In the same way, you can request the transfer of your data, request to be removed from our database or file a complaint.

C. Individuals who show interest in the app.

This means all interested natural persons who show interest via the Yeat/Yeatapp website and leave their name and email address there. This data is kept for 1 year and aims to correctly identify the person and contact them to provide an answer to their question / interest.
If you want an overview of your data, you can request this via We try to formulate an answer within 48 hours. In the same way, you can request the transfer of your data, request to be removed from our database or file a complaint.

3. Your privacy and third parties

Your personal data will only be shared in the following cases:

To provide or perform our services
If Yeat/Yeatapp uses a third party to further develop, manage or exploit the website or app, Yeat/Yeatapp will share your data with this third party. Yeat/Yeatapp guarantees the confidentiality of all data by this third party.
It is strictly forbidden for any other party involved in the development, management and operation of Yeat/Yeatapp to use or monetize data for its own purposes!

To improve our services or website.
Yeat/Yeatapp can use software from other parties to measure how well the app in general or a feature in the app works with you.

For receiving feedback
Yeat/Yeatapp strives to gauge how satisfied you are with our services through internal surveys and tools. Should Yeat/Yeatapp call on an external partner, this will be clearly announced in advance.

To perform a legal obligation
A police claim can oblige us to share your data with the police

To make it possible to distribute rewards, Yeat/Yeatapp may cooperate with third parties who cooperate in any form in delivering the prizes to the winners involved.

4. Yeat/ Yeatapp can never be held liable for ID theft.

5. Ask for comments, complaints, or inactivation account. 

All questions, comments or complaints regarding the processing of personal data and privacy and regarding inactivation or deletion of your account can be sent to We strive to answer you within 48 hours.