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Yeatapp and is a registered office is at Magere schorre 82 - 8300 Knokke-Heist and has VAT number BE0788.681.165. This user agreement contains the terms and conditions that apply to the use of the information and services offered by the application Yeat / Yeatapp. The user (in the capacity of consumer and / or restaurant owner) of Yeat / Yeatapp is deemed to have agreed to the provisions of this user agreement. Yeat / Yeatapp reserves the right to change this user agreement at any time. An amended user agreement will be announced on and will automatically take effect 8 days after publication.



Yeatapp bv cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies or shortcomings in the data as stated on This applies both to information placed on the site by Yeat / Yeatapp itself and to information from users (restaurant owners and advertisers. ). Incorrect data or shortcomings on Yeat / Yeatapp do not entitle you to financial compensation. Yeat / Yeatapp is not responsible to users or third parties for any direct, indirect, incidental, loss of profits or for any damage caused by its negligence or oblivion in providing, compiling, assembling, writing and interpreting information. Yeatapp bv explicitly offers Yeat / 'as is'. The most advanced techniques are used for the technical realization. Yeatapp bv cannot be held liable for the (temporary) failure or possible malfunctioning of the system. Yeatapp bv is not responsible for links to sites managed by third parties. Yeatapp bv nor Yeat / exercise control over the aforementioned websites and do not accept any liability with regard to their content. The inclusion of links to these websites does not imply that Yeat / Yeatapp approves the elements contained in these sites, and does not necessarily imply any collaboration between Yeat / Yeatapp and the owners of these sites. The information on the site is changed periodically. Yeat / Yeatapp reserves the right to make improvements and / or changes to its site and application at any time.


Yeatapp® and Yeat® are registered trademarks of Yeatapp bv. These terms and graphic elements, such as logos specific to them, may only be used in reference to solutions and websites of Yeatapp bv. Company address details are either posted by the companies themselves or included in the selection by Yeat / Yeatapp and collected through public data sources such as Google and therefore not owned by Yeat / Yeatapp. We consider additional data published by (such as description, photos) and about companies (such as reviews) as the property of the restaurant owners themselves. This data may therefore only be used with the express permission of the company in question.


A user who books an available table via the app is bound by the usual etiquette that applies when booking a restaurant. This means respecting the number of people the user has booked for, respecting the time and time slot at which the reservation was made, respecting the restaurant's regulations regarding specific points specific to the restaurant, such as pets not allowed or table on the first floor, or on the terrace, etc.

The restaurant owner must clearly state these regulations when making his table available so that the user can take note of them in advance.

A user who books a table is bound to effectively occupy this table with the number of persons stated. Changes to his booking can only be submitted in advance by telephone to the restaurant manager.


It is up to the user to cancel a reservation correctly. This is not possible via the app. Given the "very last minute" nature of the app, the user who has booked and wants to cancel again should contact the restaurant by telephone.

The user acknowledges that only telephone cancellation is accepted as valid cancellation. The restaurant manager will confirm the cancellation by email.

Every user of the application agrees that a restaurant owner could charge him compensation for not (correctly) canceling a booked reservation. If a claim for damages is not made, it will be entirely for the restaurant operator's account. Yeat / Yeatapp cannot be held responsible for actions by users or restaurant managers with regard to cancellations of confirmed bookings.


Belgian law applies. The parties accept that the electronic communication between them has legal force of written proof. In case of disputes or disputes, only the courts of Bruges are competent. Yeatapp bv aims with Yeat / Yeatapp and to develop a user-friendly online platform where the users have full control over, and access to their own data and he / she only receives the information that he / she has explicitly asked for. . If you experience in a certain way as a user that this objective is not being met, we ask you to formulate your complaint to


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