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Hi United Kingdom ! 

Boost Your Restaurant Revenue with YEAT

YEAT is an app, that keeps foodies instantly updated about last minute availabilities in your restaurant. 

Highly recommend restaurants 

Yeat counts more than 500 restaurants, approved by independent inspectors of Michelin en Gault&Millau

Super easy!

You don't need to have an online reservation platform to work with YEATapp. YEATapp can be used with or without a reservation platform and so works perfectly with every reservation platform.

real foodies

The real food lover use Yeat. For those who plan months in advance and enjoy  last-minute dining out.

No Cure = No Pay! 

Yes, that's correct. If YEATapp doesn't work for you, you pay nothing.

Launching in the United Kingdom

Following our success in Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg, and at the request of our devoted foodies, we've set our sights on you, esteemed UK restaurant entrepreneurs.

Despite email reminders, down payments, credit card guarantees, and various other initiatives to prevent last-minute cancellations or no-shows, empty tables still occur too frequently.

As a restaurant owner, you may resort to reaching out to your waiting list to fill these tables, but unfortunately, last-minute availability often doesn't result in quick bookings.

With YEATapp, however, you can instantly connect with tens of thousands of foodies eager to dine at your restaurant!

Start today and transform your empty seats into thriving dining experiences

  • Boost your occupancy to achieve consistent full bookings.
  • Achieve a minimum of 6% additional revenue.
  • Elevate customer satisfaction, fostering loyal fans out of your clientele.
"My last minute tables gone withing seconds.
YEATapp is truly incredible! Colleagues, do not hesitate any longer, join now!"
Bart Desmidt, Chef Bartholomeus



Bart Desmidt **
Chef Bartholomeus

What we do for you 

Enhance exposure

Gaining additional visibility among foodies has never been simpler than with Yeat. Join over 100,000 active users of this app today!

Increase profit

Bid farewell to empty tables and the time-consuming task of contacting the waiting list during service. With Yeat, your tables are promptly rebooked, leading to a significant boost in profit margins!

For the spontaneous diner

With YEATapp, you offer foodies the opportunity to secure a table at your establishment quickly. This means even non-planners can reach out to you without hesitation. It's a win-win for all involved.

The Origin Story

YEATapp was founded with the principle of 'by restaurant owners, for restaurant owners.

The concept was born from the experiences of Patrick De Langhe, Owner of Boo Raan* in Knokke-Heist, and Lore Aerts, in charge of reservations.

Faced with numerous last-minute cancellations and frustrating no-shows at Boo Raan, they sought to develop a solution for every restaurant entrepreneur encountering similar challenges.

Our Values

Built by restaurant owners, for restaurant owners.

Crafted by foodies, for foodies.

We prioritize saving time for both restaurant owners and food enthusiasts alike.

YEATapp serves as a bridge between restaurant owners and foodies, bringing joy to both parties when a previously empty table finds a new reservation.

Yes eat - Yeat

Our Singular Goal

To assist you swiftly, transparently, and honestly. To transform a last-minute canceled table or a no-show into a reserved one.

Schedule your get-to-know-us call 

Lore Aerts
Gilles Vandamme

If you have questions, don't worry! You can always contact Lore. 

Lore is one of the Co-Founders. She knows the restaurant sector and Yeat inside out.

Gilles is happy to assist you and take your worries away! 

He is a business manager with years of experience as a restaurant manager. Gilles is happy to help you with all your questions and challenges.

Get in touch

Questions that come to mind? Don't hesitate to contact us!
You can reach us 24/7 with all your questions.


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