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Interesting facts about Michelin Stars!

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Michelin stars are awarded by the Michelin Guide, a prestigious French restaurant guidebook that was first published in 1900 by the Michelin tire company. The guide originally provided practical information for motorists, including maps, tire repair instructions, and lists of hotels and restaurants.[1]

  • Michelin stars are considered the highest accolade in the culinary world. They are awarded to restaurants that are judged to be of exceptional quality, based on a rigorous evaluation process that takes into account the quality of the ingredients, the mastery of techniques, the harmony of flavors, the personality of the chef, and consistency over time. [2]
  • The Michelin Guide uses anonymous inspectors to evaluate restaurants, and the criteria for awarding stars are kept secret. Inspectors visit each restaurant multiple times before making a final decision. [3]
  • There are three levels of Michelin stars: one star indicates "a very good restaurant," two stars indicate "excellent cooking that is worth a detour," and three stars indicate "exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey." [4]
  • The Michelin Guide is published in more than 30 countries and is widely regarded as the most authoritative restaurant guide in the world. [5]
  • Michelin stars can have a significant impact on a restaurant's reputation and business. The award of a star can lead to increased media coverage, higher prices, and more customers. However, losing a star can also have a negative impact on a restaurant's reputation and business. [6]